Philosophy (Wilderness Theology):

As followers of Christ and servant-leaders for Him, we look at Scripture for patterns (doctrine) to glorify God by having a better understanding of how to relate to and live out our destiny in Christ. One of the most dynamic patterns from beginning to end of God’s Word is how God has established the outdoor wilderness as his canvas to paint purpose, vision and beauty to and through His people. Here’s just a few samples below…

· God creating Adam in the wilderness and Eve in the garden

· God calling Abraham to the Mountains

· Moses encountered God on Mt. Sinai

· The Hebrews learned dependence of God in the wilderness

· John the Baptist prepared The Way of the Lord from the wilderness of Judea

· Jesus confirmed by the Father in the Jordan River

· Jesus led by the Spirit to be tested in the desert

· Jesus called disciples from the shores and outdoors

· Jesus preached sermons from the Mount and taught on the seas

· Peter, James and John witnessed the manifested Jesus’ Glory on a high mountain

· Christ crucified on a hill

· Jesus returning again to Mt. Olives

· The Lord will be gathered with the hosts of Heaven on Mt. Zion